Philosophy & Quality Policy│FUSOH AVIATION CO.,LTD.


  • We strive to be current and up to date; providing state-of-the-art technologies, products and services.
  • We will continue to make constant efforts to build a better society.
  • We will make a company that every employee is full of vitality and can work proudly.

company policy

  • Always be positive
  • Leverage individual personality
  • Think with an open mind
  • Face hardships moving forward; do not give up.

Quality policy

basic policy

We aim to be a company that can contribute to the aviation, space and defense industries, through importing and selling aircraft equipment, related materials and parts. We will make continuous improvements and strive to improve customer satisfaction.


  • In order to fullfill AS9120/ISO9001 requirements, we periodically review the quality management system to continuously improve the effectiveness.
  • We will promote activities through a quality management system to provide customer satisfaction by providing services to satisfy customer requirements, applicable laws and regulations, and regulatory requirements.
  • In order to achieve the quality policy, we will set quality targets for the following :
    (1)Revenue improvement, business expansion
    (2)Response to customer needs
    (3)Product service and quality improvement
  • We will review the set quality targets and those achievement status, every year.
  • We will carry out internal audits and strive to ensure the adequacy, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system.
  • In order to promote amd emsure the quality management system, we will provide education and training to all target employees and provide a thorough education platform of the quality policy.

Developed January 5th, Heisei 28
CEO Makiko Maruyama